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Treatment Plans

Private Services Available, Contact Us.

  • Best Value

    Aerial Decompression Treatment 4Day Plan

    Functional Physiotherapy One Month Treatment Plan
    Valid for one month
    • Autoimmune Chronic Pain
    • Feel Immediate relief from sciatica and nerve issues
    • Athlete's Strengthening and Alignment Treatment
    • Add decompression to your training !
    • Includes Chi pressure point, nerve release.
  • Medical Taiji-Qigong SCHOOLS

    Every month
    +$60 Yearly Joining Fee
    Monthly/ 4 sessions. Supports chronic fatigue & body-mind connection through deep breathing.
    Valid for 2 months+ 1 day free trial
    • Four one hour sessions start. Middle & high School
    • Sessions can be at the park or at the field!
    • Support your classroom and school's well being!
    • Release anxiety, stress, pain, balance their immune system,
    • Great aid when taking medicines away, detoxes & cleanses
    • Rewire immune responses activating bone marrow
    • Learn to be calm and self control with breathing techniques
  • 30 Day Barefoot Training Pack

    Re adaptation to barefoot walking or running depending your level
    Valid for one month
    • Medical Qigong UNLIMITED

      One Month x 12 Sessions!
      Valid for one month
      • Join Online Live
      • Attend In-person Sessions
      • Recorded sessions to follow
      • Direct Contact with your instructor
      • Cancel any time!
    • Aerial Teacher Training Certification

      Every month
      +$500 Joining Fee
      Payment option for Teacher Training Certificate
      Valid for 6 months
      • Aerial Physiotherapy Certification
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