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Th Quiet Room
Image by Nino Liverani

The Quiet Room 

Functional Therapeutic Services
Aerial Decompression . Barefoot Running .
Walking Medita
tion . Tai Chi . Art & Innovation . Homeschooling. GUTFOOD4U .

Fort Lauderdale . Davie . Las Olas . Plantation . SW Ranches . Miami . 


 Our mission in The Quiet Room is to offer innovative therapeutic techniques outdoors and indoors, on groups or private, to naturally help our clients recover from emotional and physical trauma, long term injuries, and to impact the immune system with inversive routines that help people connect again to our natural  powers to heal, giving a new perspective of what healthy aging looks like.

To provide the ideal environment to focus, create, learn, and execute anything that contributes to our communities’ well-being, pursue positive relationships with our clients, help children with their personal growth and development, reestablish purpose for the elder, and the one who finds obstacles a hurdle.

The goal is to synergize with the public, find solutions, fix the broken, and so, leave renaissance in each of our clients, to a better tomorrow, and a forgiving yesterday.

 The role we play here relates to the well-being of our planet, our society, our local communities, and you.

"We inspire and embrace the art to age and flourish in life".

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 Af f i l i a t e s  


Our Story

The Quiet Room started in 2016 as a Private Aerial Therapy Boutique, and Art Studio founded by Fabiola Fasano (Fa Mo) in South Florida.

 Fa Mo was born in Jalisco Mexico. She had to work when she was 12 years old. Her positive standing, tenacity, and noble character, helped her to grow her own small businesses. She worked hard and homeschooled herself all the way to high school, when off work, she practiced martial arts (Moo Duk Kwan, Soo Bahk Do, formerly Tang Soo Do, which translates as "School of Martial Virtue" Moduckone). Fa Mo produced fabulous art and exhibited it around the world.  At age 18 Fa Mo traveled for 15 years before coming to the USA,  and developed great physical and mental skills, in England and Australia she mastered athletics, yoga, and pilates. In Japan, where she stayed for 5 years, she taught Art and English, she mastered humanities, mindfulness, and the art of moving slowly.

She collected all the best knowledge from various forms similar to the physics of Dynamic Tension.  Fa Mo connects to everyone, especially with children, her high advocacy towards respect for our children has been a big guide throughout her life. Fa Mo creates the perfect environment to have you notice your own inner child, your strengths, and your weaknesses. She and her professional team, in The Quiet Room, will guide you towards living life with what you have, right here right now.

FaMo nurtures others and loves with intention.

 Her Unique Aerial Techniques, her improved design of The Aerial Therapeutic Legged Silk, Barefoot Running Meditation, and Modern Tai Chi techniques,   is giving new hope and opportunities for everyone in the comunity to heal holistically.

Changing the the way we see decompression and movement itself.

Fabiola Fasano Is a certified Aerial Yoga, ESSENTRICS® Instructor, Athlete's Therapist, Pilates and Yoga Instructor, Meditation Guide, and a Modern Tai Chi Master. She studied Human Resources Management at the University of Miami and Psychology at Broward College.

She is a world explorer and an Entrepreneur. Fa Mo is a Talented Artist, Chef, Interior Designer, Upholsterer, Sculptor, Muralist,  Speaker, Cartoonist, Cleaner, Feeder, an your friend!


We are Certified and Insured!

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