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Th Quiet Room


Aerial Physiotherapy 
Barefoot Training Specialist 
Taiji-Qigong . Taiji Ro
Occupational Therapy  
Art Therapy & Innovation
Children/Teens Training & Support 
Grounding Life


Aerial Therapy
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Since 2016 . Fort Lauderdale . Davie . Las Olas . Plantation . SW Ranches . Miami . Japan  . Mexico

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Barefoot Therapy
Barefoot Therapy
Cancer Exersice Specialist

Advanced Qualifications

functional aging institute
Barefoot Runner / Athetes
Broward Fl
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Our therapeutic services are innovative and simple, we are  outdoors and indoors around all Broward! 

Check our schedule often for updates or register as a member!

We need Adventurous Physiotherapists! 

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Plantation and The Quiet Room
Tai Chi

TQR Therapies
Functional Physiotherapy OUTDOORS/INDOORS

 Since 2016 our therapies are proved to help our clients more efficiently when practicing our routines barefoot and outdoors, than our clients who practice w/shoes indoors. We help from the foot up and head down to recover the natural physical, chemical and biological functions of the body in nature grounding, discovering, feeling and growing.
We take you to a process of re-
discovery, and re-integration to your natural human instincts, where we find an interesting stage of self recognition of natural skills and abilities that will help you self-heal and live a much better life, helping you cope with chronic illness, oxidative stress, injuries or aging younger

When w
e are challenged mentally and physically, we are forced to use our intelligence to be able to adapt to the restrictions of life and survive, this mental state is the responsible to rewire the body and mind, to be able to heal
When our present mindset
 battles through challenges only to avoid effort, it blocks growth.
humans have lost track on what true growth is, and the natural ways to adapt to the environments  or situations that life presents. 
We intend to connect our spirit and align our instincts with our physical and cognitive capabilities.
  We need to detach as much as we can from conditioned and man-made environments that affect many body functions through our Bio. We know for sure and guarantee many benefits that stay with you forever!!

 The healthy impact of simply prolonged exposure to nature, without totally being away from the modern world is important and for some scarry, we let you know all bout living a GROUNDING LIFE (facebook group).
Nature is the only prescription.
Here below are some of
 the issues we can assist with.


ACL Surgery Rehab
Back Pain
Foot/Ankle/Knee Pain
Hip, Knee, Foot  Sprains
and Strains.

Rotator Cuff Tears
Lumbar/Cervical Disc Herniations
Muscle Tears/Strains
Neck Pain
Post-surgical Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries

Post-surgical Joint Replacements Strenght Therapy
Tennis Elbow
Torn Ligaments
Vestibular Dysfunction/Balance
Pain Disorders

Wrist/Elbow/Shoulder Sprains and Strains
Compressed Spine Nerve Treatment 

Drug Addiction
Plant Medicine Addiction and Neurological Damage
Cannabis Patient Exercises for Chronic Pain due to Autoimmune Issues, Cancer and Rare Diseases.

No used here
Many of our clients find 
support when trying to stop 
taking toxic drugs