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Functional & Aerial Physiotherapy 


Aerial Physiotherapy

. Aerial Physiotherapy 
. Aerial Yoga
. Aerial Pilates
. Barefoot Training  
. Medical Taiji-Qigong  
. Immunology . Physiology 
. Aerial Teacher Training
. Aerial Studio Safety Certification
. Aerial Studio Branding
. Personalized Aerial Silk Manufacture
. Aerial Silks Maintenance and Repair  

. Children/Teens Training & Support 
. Grounding Life, Scientific Research
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. GUTFOOD4U, Soy & Gluten Free Food (You tube)
. Events, Classes, Seminars, Workshops


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Harvard Medica

      The Quiet Room Inc. is based in Plantation Florida since 2016 and opens the doors to serve all United States from 2024. We provide our innovative services to globally continue cooperating with institutions of Natural Health and Immunity Research, Hospitals, Schools, Universities, Governmental Entities, and Local Social Services. Our scientific research is based in our immunity and the physiology of grounding or earthing and the wonderful therapeutic effects of physical inversions that improve the lives of people suffering with physiological traumas, injuries, rare diseases, cancer, chronic pain or autoimmune conditions.


Our main concern is the aggressive reactions to foreign materials like antigens, pollen, food, and other microorganisms due early avoidance to nature and excessive sanitation, all this with as well the use of highly harmful chemicals, antibiotics, antibodies, foreign peptides, drugs and pills, that include unavoidable side effects, most of them with long term side effects that can make peoples lives miserable.


Many people after Covid 19 around the globe have been unexposed to nature and blasted with strong unreliable antibodies and chemicals that might affect the general wellbeing of the most sensitive ones, our babies, our kids, our teens, pregnant woman and hard working men, all up to our precious seniors and the already sick. 


The Quiet Room
Dr Smart

Professor David Sloane 
Special Studies
Boston Via Cleveland


Professor Dr. Sloane from Harvard Medical School confirms the importance for humans to achieve natural calibration of the sensors on our cells that help understand what microorganisms are invading our bodies or where are they in our bodies to make a plan of attack by simply applying

"higher exposure to nature, like this, our cells can understand more about the world we live in and fill up the spaces in our biological puzzle".


Our cells aren't able to understand why a mice antibody or foreign antibodies from a snake's poison is still floating in your body, or why we have rubber where we should be breathing and feeling the soils, minerals, microbes, nutrition and all the things we are supposed to gather to maintain a steady homeostasis. 

When our cells are out of understanding, they attack presenting themselves as a disease or illness. There is really not too much science to this, it's logic that the things that are outside our environment are safe, and the ones we have inside can't communicate properly and are all confused with the native cells, as they react towards our adaptive immunity from manipulated Biologicals. 

Our body is a huge universe of natural bio, the imposed bio that we are fighting is affecting our natural homeostasis and we are not able to distinguish the microbial world, since we are born we are blasted with foreign antibodies without an individual plan or the  personalized prescription of vaccines, then those vaccines create antibody reactions that people struggle with these days. 

Nature avoidance is an evident problem where people suffer from chronic diseases and  have to depend on medication or Biologics.

Our Services are scientifically proved to help improve the physiological and biological function of the body at any age depending on how advanced the condition is. With our innovative personalized functional treatments and services, our clients feel the immediate effects of nature much faster than many other treatments in the market right now.


We have Free treatments for you and Free events to truly help.

Tai Chi

TQR Therapies
Functional & Aerial Physiotherapy OUTDOORS/INDOORS

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ACL Surgery Rehab
Back Pain
Foot/Ankle/Knee Pain
Hip, Knee, Foot  Sprains
and Strains.

Rotator Cuff Tears
Lumbar/Cervical Disc Herniations
Muscle Tears/Strains
Neck Pain
Post-surgical Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries

Post-surgical Joint Replacements Strenght Therapy
Tennis Elbow
Torn Ligaments
Vestibular Dysfunction/Balance
Pain Disorders

Wrist/Elbow/Shoulder Sprains and Strains
Compressed Spine Nerve Treatment 

Drug Addiction
Plant Medicine Addiction and Neurological Damage
Cannabis Patient Exercises for Chronic Pain
Autoimmune Issues, Cancer and Rare Diseases Wellness.

Chronic Unexposed to Nature Disease. 
( Rare diseases due to being unexposed to nature )

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 Our mission in The Quiet Room is to offer innovative therapeutic techniques outdoors and indoors, on groups or private, to naturally help our clients recover from emotional and physical trauma, long term injuries, and to impact the immune system with inversive and grounding routines that help people connect again to our natural powers to heal, giving a new perspective of what healthy aging looks like. To provide the ideal environment to focus, create, learn and execute anything that contributes to our communities’ well-being, pursue positive relationships with our clients, help children with their personal growth and development, establish purpose for the elder, and the one who finds obstacles a hurdle. The goal is to synergize with the public, find solutions within our nature, fix the broken, and so, leave renaissance in each of our clients, to a better tomorrow, and a forgiving yesterday.
The role we play here relates to the well-being of our planet, our society, our local communities, and you directly, so you can help others on a chain of selfless actions that at the end benefit us all on the long term. 

"We inspire and embrace the art to age and flourish in life".

Fabiola Fasano ( Fa Mo ) TQR Founder 

Where are we located?


Main Address

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 13299 NW 7th Street Plantation Fl.33325 USA

954 835 5200 Office

754 260 7926 What's APP


Appointment Only

Reservation Only/Private Therapy

(Indoor and Outdoor)

 Government Offices  Plantation, Central Park

Medical Taiji / QIGONG Outdoor 

Discounted price for locals!

9151 NW 2nd St, Plantation,

FL 33324   


MORE INFO CALL  954 452 2510

Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas Beach

Medical Taiji / QIGONG Outdoor 

First Time is Free  ( plans available )


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240 Las Olas Cir, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304


Vista View Park

. Barefoot Running .
. Tai Chi /QiGong .

. Aerial Physiotherapy

Tai Chi / QIGONG Outdoor  FREE


4001 SW 142nd Ave, Davie, FL 33330

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CALL US   WHATSAPP 754 260 7926

Tree Tops Park  DAVIE

Barefoot Running . Tai Chi /Qi Gong

3900 SW 100th Ave.

Davie, FL 33328


CALL US   WHATSAPP 754 260 7926


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