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Barefoot Training Specialist 
Taiji-Qigong . Taiji Ro
Occupational Therapy  
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Aerial Therapy
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Since 2016 . Fort Lauderdale . Davie . Las Olas . Plantation . SW Ranches . Miami . Japan  . Mexico

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Barefoot Therapy
Barefoot Therapy
Cancer Exersice Specialist

Advanced Qualifications

functional aging institute
Barefoot Runner / Athetes
Broward Fl
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Our therapeutic services are innovative and simple, we are  outdoors and indoors around all Broward! 

Check our schedule often for updates or register as a member!

We need Adventurous Physiotherapists! 

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Plantation and The Quiet Room
Tai Chi

TQR Therapies
Functional Physiotherapy & Holistic Hub

 Since 2016 our therapies are proved to help our clients more efficiently when practicing our routines barefoot and outdoors, than our clients who practice w/shoes indoors. We help from the foot up and head down to recover the natural physical, chemical and biological functions of the body in nature grounding, discovering, feeling and growing.
We take you to a process of re-
discovery, and re-integration to your natural human instincts, where we find an interesting stage of self recognition of natural skills and abilities that will help you self-heal and live a much better life helping you cope with chronic illness, oxidative stress, injurie and aging. 

When w
e are challenged mentally and physically, we are forced to use our intelligence to be able to adapt to the restrictions of life and survive, this mental state is the responsible to rewire the body and mind, to be able to heal
When our present mindset
 battles through challenges only to avoid effort, it blocks growth.
humans have lost track on what true growth is, and the natural ways to adapt to the environments  or situations that life presents. We intend to connect our spirit and align our instincts and our physical and cognitive capabilities.
  We need to detach from conditioned and man-made environments that affects many body functions, and appreciate the healthy impact of simply prolonged exposure to nature.

Nature is our only prescription. Here below are some of the issues we can assist with.


ACL Surgery Rehab
Back Pain
Foot/Ankle/Knee Pain
Hip, Knee, Foot  Sprains
and Strains.

Rotator Cuff Tears
Lumbar/Cervical Disc Herniations
Muscle Tears/Strains
Neck Pain
Post-surgical Sports Injuries
Sports Injuries

Post-surgical Joint Replacements Strenght Therapy
Tennis Elbow
Torn Ligaments
Vestibular Dysfunction/Balance
Pain Disorders

Wrist/Elbow/Shoulder Sprains and Strains

No used here
Many of our clients find 
support when trying to stop 
taking toxic drugs 
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 Our mission in The Quiet Room is to offer innovative therapeutic techniques outdoors and indoors, on groups or private, to naturally help our clients recover from emotional and physical trauma, long term injuries, and to impact the immune system with inversive and grounding routines that help people connect again to our natural powers to heal, giving a new perspective of what healthy aging looks like. To provide the ideal environment to focus, create, learn and execute anything that contributes to our communities’ well-being, pursue positive relationships with our clients, help children with their personal growth and development, establish purpose for the elder, and the one who finds obstacles a hurdle. The goal is to synergize with the public, find solutions within our nature, fix the broken, and so, leave renaissance in each of our clients, to a better tomorrow, and a forgiving yesterday.

The role we play here relates to the well-being of our planet, our society, our local communities, and you directly, so you can help others on a chain of selfless actions that at the end benefit us all on the long term. 

"We inspire and embrace the art to age and flourish in life".




I felt stronger and  balanced just after  a couple of weeks. 




Thank you Fa Mo for an amazing  decompression therapy 

 in my 80s birthday!

You made my dream

come true.

I kept the balloon you gave me  for a while! 



This was an unforgettable  therapeutic experience during and after our competitions in ft. Lauderdale.  

Fa Mo is a patient, gentle teacher for all skill levels. I leave her classes feeling both relaxed and invigorated. Her nonjudgmental and relaxed teaching style made me feel comfortable right from the get go.


Modern Tai Chi

Aerial Decompression

Barefoot Running
child taichi

The Quiet Room Inc.

Hub Location

"Coming Soon"

Children and Adults 

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 13299 NW 7th Street Plantation Fl.33325 USA

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Plantation, Central Park

Tai Chi Indoor and Outdoor

Therapeutic Art for Homeschoolers

9151 NW 2nd St, Plantation,

FL 33324    9544522510

More Info   954 452 2510

Monday, 11:00 am, Tai Chi, Indoor 


Tuesday, 10:00 am, Therapeutic Art


Thursday, 11:00 am, Tai Chi, Indoor


Saturday, 10:00 am, Family Tai Chi, outdoor

Art, Tai Chi Indoor and Outdoor

Fort Lauderdale,
Las Olas 

Tai Chi / QIGONG Outdoor 

Monday 9:15 AM

Event and Group Reservation  Contact us:

240 Las Olas Cir, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

954 835 5200 Office

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Tree Tops Park

Barefoot Running . Tai Chi /Qi Gong

3900 SW 100th Ave, Davie, FL 33328

Event and Group Reservation 

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954 835 5200 Office

754 260 7926 Text/Appointment

Vista View Park

. Barefoot Running .
. Tai Chi /QiGong .

. Aerial Physiotherapy

4001 SW 142nd Ave, Davie, FL 33330

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Our Story

The Quiet Room started in 2016 as a Private Aerial Therapy Boutique, and Art Studio 

founded by Fabiola Fasano (Fa Mo), in South Florida.


Fa Mo, thrives helping and innovating, she nurtures others, she loves and works with intention.

Her innovative Aerial Therapeutic Techniques are attracting the pubic.  Her unique design of The Aerial Therapeutic

Legged Silk, which can fit each individual's needs, and can be customized to simplify the healing process holistically, is highly attached

to Fa Mo's aerial or floating  techniques, that have shown to benefit all who follow her therapies thoroughly, as it simplifies self-postural therapy,the decompression of joints,  and strengthens small and large muscle groups at the same time, maintaining the body nourished with a few simple steps.

The Therapeutic Legged Silk is used also among disabled and sedentary elderly people.

Fa Mo is cooperating  with doctors, gym owners and physiotherapists, to integrate and adapt this unique

and easy way to support our general well-being, reaching to more people with holistic needs and views.  The techniques and steps

for her therapies include certain inverted movements and breathing techniques like the ones used in Tai Chi, Qi Gong, and Aerial Yoga, together, they facilitate a natural connection to healing due to the increase of the capacity to disperse our own energy productively where we need it. Your awareness happens during moving and breathing and you must learn moving slow, slower and faster in the practice. 


Fa Mo, worked with children as a Homeschool teacher for more than 15 years.

  Fa Mo has more than 20 years of experience of Barefoot Running and  Walking Meditation techniques,

she shares such athletic expertise with passion and is always attached to her therapies.

Her  modern Tai Chi instruction, and Tai Chi Ropu, are giving people a better sense of "The Tai Chi Slow-Movement -Science". 

 It really works!  as the intensities are adapted to all ages and groups. Fa Mo has shown reliability and is reaching new global

clientele, local individuals, people in community centers, families and schools. 

Fabiola Fasano Is a certified Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist and Physiotherapist.

She studied The English Language at the School of English | Birmingham City University And TOEFl/ TESOL/EF/

EL at Australia Cairns / Teach International.    HRM at the University of Miami, and Psychology at BC. Florida.  Fa Mo is a Certified

Aerial Yoga Instructor, ESSENTRICS® Instructor and an avid student. Athlete's Run Therapist, Pilates Transformer Instructor, Meditation

Guide, and a Modern Tai Chi Master. She is a long member of the HSLDA  (Home-School Legal Defense Association) and NSDA (National

Art Education Association) Member, and Certified Barefoot Therapist from the Functional Aging Institute. 

"In The Quiet Room Vibrations Expand"

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