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Studio, Clinic, Gym, Aerial Upgrade / All Included

Studio, Clinic, Gym, Aerial Upgrade / All Included


Upgrade your studio installing Aerial Therapeutic Silks ( No Plastics ) 

With or without therapeutic legs.

Includes 10 doubled Legged Silks (any color)

Personalized Design and Branding Tags

Structure/ Hardware 

Interior Design & hardware Installation

Teacher Training / Program Plan Planning up to 3 Teachers (40 Hours ) Certification Aerial Yoga or Pilates. Physiotherapists obtain Advanced Aerial Qualifications. 

Studio Certification for Aerial Safety and Aerial Physiology Training Aproved.  

Instructors meet 2 Times per week for 4 - 6 Months  ( Your advanced clients can apply to be teachers!).

from $5000.00

The final quote depends of the implications/ materials/ and project. 

We get it running at the best costs foryou to enjoy and profit from this amazing investment.


Call us for a free quote!



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