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Sat, 13 July



Aerial Physiotherapy Session "KIDS"

Aerial Physical Therapy is trending! providing drug-free immediate pain relief to treating spinal-related conditions, pain from chronic illness or simply as aid for deeper stretches for yoga, pilates, sports recovery exercises and relaxation.

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Aerial Physiotherapy Session "KIDS"
Aerial Physiotherapy Session "KIDS"

Time & Location

13 July 2024, 2:00 pm – 2:45 pm

Plantation, 5223 W Broward Blvd, Plantation, FL 33317, USA

About the event

A decompression treatment gently lengthens and releases the spine through slow mindfully controlled repetitions using our unique "Legged Therapeutic Silk", as the Silk holds safely up to 400 pounds!  it loosens the spinal cord pressure promoting a dramatic change in the skeletal, muscular,  lymphatic,  and nerve systems where the change is created within the intervertebral discs, surrounding soft tissue, and spinal joints. The reduction of pressure inside the discs allows the bulge or herniation and the nutrients to be pulled back into the disc.

Rehydration of the disc and surrounding structures creates a physiological change that decreases high pain levels and assists the mind and body’s natural healing process.

It is for everyone at any age, and whether generally is no harm in trying inversion tables or traction devices, is no doubt The Aerial Legged Therapeutic Silk is the safest, fastest, and easiest pain-free treatment.   

Patients with hypertension, circulation disorders, glaucoma, or retinal detachments should not use inversion tables and can use the Legged Therapeutic Silk as we use a seated decompression technique that allows the spine to decompress by releasing the tension and pain freeing the pelvic floor, this technique is ideal as well for disable who and individuals on wheelchairs and people with vertigo, who are afraid on going head down. When completely upside down increases the pressure and blood flow to the head and eyes can cause a strange feeling in your head and extremities and will pass as soon as the body adapt.

What Happens?

Decompression Therapy  Sessions include a mix of slow controlled movements like the ones used in certain Martial Arts such as Tai Chi, such steps form a combination of isometric, eccentric, and concentric movements, including Pilates, Yoga, and Athletic Recovery Massage, like Deep Tissue Pressure Point techniques. When we get our bodies ready, warm, and relaxed in about 15 minutes, we invert our bodies safely, yes... literally, we turn you upside down! flushing the adrenal glands and stimulating the release of neurotransmitters and endorphins that allows you to immediately feel uplifted and will counteract depression, mood swings, and even seasonal affective disorder immediately. You will feel an immediate natural happy high! Gently we will continue to move within the inversion following full range of motion exercises to properly treat the joint function. The inversion impacts the circulatory and lymphatic systems creating an easy and enjoyable combination of movements to open up the bones and tissues.                          When we reach complete decompression of the spine, nerves, and joints, relaxation comes, and your body will heal by releasing toxins,  helping a fast and efficient function of the organ, muscular, lymphatic, circular, and nervous systems, balancing out all your energy levels and distressing your body. The most important thing to know during our sessions is to take your time and move slowly. You will try high-power moves from mixed styles that use Dynamic Tension and Katas like Tensho, to help epitomize the soft aspect and the strength of a mindful controlled slow movement. Just like in Tai Chi, moving is to make sure you recreate full awareness of the body and mind each day, so the slow controlled movements outweigh the strong heavy ones on advanced levels.

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