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Therapeutic Legged Decompression Silk

Therapeutic Legged Decompression Silk

$300.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price

This gorgeous Cooper Legged Professional Decompression Silk (custom made available) is hand-made for professionals who use therapeutic sessions and work with disabled people, for athletes' recovery, yoga,  lengthening and recovery sessions. Is the safest in the market as it does not have any plastics or hard ends that might cause injury. The Fabric is extremely strong and wide enough for a 7'0 person to lay completely in or sit with legs up/spine down. The fabric is lightweight,  breathable, and washable. Holds up to 400 pounds. Our silk is 10 to 12 yards of the strongest Imported Nylon Tricot, Copper Penny Fabric, with two-way horizontal stretch, feels silky and soft.

Comes with a safe climbing grade rigging equipment set.2x22kn height-adjustable daisy chain extender ropes (3.5 feet long each); 2x25KN screw-lock carabinersDaisy chain Quantity per set: 2; Length: 3.5 Feet; Material: Nylon; Breaking Load:1900LB; Safe Load:190LB per rope.  The chains have 10 adjustable loops for easy height adjustment. A more convenient, safer alternative to chains or ropes. Carabiners Material: Aluminum Alloy Color: Silver Size: (L x W): Approx. 6 x 11cm/ 2.4 x 4.4inch Weight Limit: 25KN (2500kg) Weight:160gThis strong O shape carabiner buckle with a screw-gate closing is compact, for stronghold and acrobatic moves. (Prices might lightly change if the order is custom-made), Wholesale available.

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